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closing gift in real estate

Best Realtor Closing Gift for buyers

Closing day is like the grand finale of your client’s amazing journey. You’ve been their go-to guide, and picking out the perfect Realtor closing gift is your chance to seal the deal and make a lasting impact. Forget about getting lost in endless options; check out this friendly list of 20 unique and memorable gifts, sorted to suit every taste and budget!

Gifts to Warm the Homebody’s Heart on Closing Day

Indulge in the Comforts of Home: 

🛁 Luxurious Bathrobe & Towel Set: Take their self-care to new heights with Parachute’s cloud cotton robe and towels – the epitome of softness for a spa-like experience at home. 

🌿 Essential Oil Diffuser Starter Kit: Set the tone with Serene House aroma diffusers and essential oils, creating a serene atmosphere perfect for unwinding after a big move. 

🛋️ Comfy Throw Blanket & Decorative Pillows: Spruce up their living space with cozy elegance from Serena & Lily’s stunning collection of throws and pillows to suit every style. 

🕯️ Luxury Scented Candle Set: Infuse their new home with Diptyque’s high-quality, long-lasting candles, offering a touch of luxury and inviting scents to create a calming ambiance.

Closing Gifts for Foodies

Upgrade Your Culinary Journey: 

🍳 High-End Cookware Set: Spark culinary creativity with top-notch pots, pans, or a fancy Dutch oven to take their cooking skills to the next level. All-Clad’s D3 Stainless Steel Cookware is a timeless investment that any aspiring chef will adore.

🛒 Local Market Gift Basket: Dive into the community spirit by gifting a basket brimming with local treats and beverages, helping your clients explore the flavors of their new neighborhood. It’s a delicious way to support local businesses and make them feel right at home.

📦 Subscription for Food Lovers: Keep the kitchen excitement alive with a monthly box full of fresh ingredients or ready-to-cook meals. Explore tasty options from HelloFresh or BlueApron for a delightful and convenient culinary adventure.

Closing Gifts for the Tech Savvy

Bring Smart Vibes to Their Home: 

🔊 Smart Speaker and Hubs: Level up their living space with a voice-activated assistant for hands-free tunes, news updates, and smart home magic. The Amazon Echo Show is a fantastic pick, blending entertainment with handy features to make their home smarter and more fun!

🎧 Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Gift them a bit of tranquillity with top-notch noise-cancelling headphones. Whether they’re working from home or just need a break, the Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Headphones deliver peace and incredible sound for those moments of unwinding.

📺 Streaming Service Subscription: Open the gateway to endless entertainment with a subscription to their go-to streaming service, be it Netflix, Max, or Disney+. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, offering a world of shows and movies right at their fingertips! 🍿🎬

Closing Gifts with a More Personal Touch

Warm Welcomes and Cherished Memories: Unique Gifts for a New Home:

🏡✨ Personalized Doormat: Give them a warm welcome with a custom doormat that’s as unique as their family. Explore these awesome Infinity Custom Mats – they’re not just stunning but tough enough to handle any weather.

🍴💖 Engraved Cutting Board or Serving Tray: Sprinkle a bit of love into their kitchen with a custom-engraved cutting board or serving tray. It’s not just a kitchen accessory; it’s a heartfelt keepsake they’ll treasure for years.

🎨📸 Family Portrait Session: Capture the magic of their new home with a personalized portrait. Whether it’s a beautiful illustration by a local artist or a professional photo session, this unique gift will forever commemorate the beginning of their new chapter.

Green-Themed Closing Gift for Gardening Enthusiasts

🌿✨ Indoor Herb Garden Kit: Cultivate a love for greenery with a starter kit designed for growing fresh herbs right in their kitchen. Urban Leaf’s Garden Kit is the perfect way to turn everyone into a green thumb!

🪴🏡 Indoor Plants: Bring life and fresh energy to their new place with a beautiful indoor plant. Gift them an easy-care houseplant—think snake plants and peace lilies—that will thrive in their new home.

🌱🛠️ Stylish Gardening Tools: Transform their gardening routine into a joy with a set of aesthetically pleasing tools. Uncommon Goods offers a variety of gardening supplies that are both beautiful and practical.

Tail-Wagging Closing Gifts for Clients with Furry Friends

🐾🏡 Luxurious Pet Treats: Because pets are family too! Treat your client’s furry friends to gourmet goodies, ensuring they enjoy a taste of luxury in their stylish new home. Pawsitively delightful!

🛌✨ Designer Pet Bed: Ensure your client’s pets slumber in style with Pottery Barn’s Sherpa Faux Fur 3-in-1 Pet Bed. Fit for royalty, it’s the perfect addition to any chic home for both comfort and aesthetics. 🐾

Bookish Bonanza: Closing Gifts for Avid Readers

📦📚 Bookish Bliss Subscription Box: Dive into a world of literary wonders with subscription boxes tailored to specific genres. Whether your client loves audiobooks (try Audible!) or enjoys the tangible feel of turning pages (check out Once Upon a Book Club), there’s a perfect literary match waiting for every kind of reader. 🎧📖

Caffeine Cheers: Thoughtful Gifts for Coffee Aficionados

☕🌅 Coffee Maker: Start fresh mornings in their new nest with the perfect gift – a coffee maker! The Cuisinart Extreme Brew Programmable Coffeemaker turns morning rituals into moments of relaxation and joy, adding a touch of cosiness to their new routine. ☕🏡

🌍🎁 Gourmet Coffee Sampler: Elevate their coffee experience with a curated box of artisanal beans from various regions. For the coffee lover who appreciates the finer things, consider adding a personalised mug or a subscription to a coffee roasting club. It’s a delightful way to savour the rich flavours of every morning brew! 🎁🌟

Spreading Joy: Hand-Deliver or Mail Your Realtor Closing Gifts?

Boost the magic of your closing gifts by picking the perfect delivery style.

Opting for a hand-delivery creates a special moment to witness their joy, offer heartfelt congrats, and share your gratitude. Imagine the smiles during the closing meeting or when they first step into their new home – it’s a personal touch that lasts.

In case distance or busy schedules make a visit tricky, mailing the gift is a solid choice. Tuck in a warm note, and choose a delivery service with tracking for that extra dash of reassurance. 📬✨

✉️🏡 Heartfelt Thank-You Card Ideas for Your Realtor Closing Gifts

Express genuine sentiment with a brief, heartfelt note to accompany your closing gift. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • “Home sweet home! Enjoy settling into your new nest.”
  • “A toast to your new beginnings and happy memories in your new home!”
  • “Phew! We’ve crossed the finish line – enjoy your new space!”
  • “It was a joy navigating this journey with you – welcome home!”
  • “Your joy at closing was a reminder of the rewards of this job. Congratulations!”
  • “Bottles popped, papers signed, keys handed – it’s official. Congrats on your new home!”
  • “May the years ahead in your new home be filled with joy and success.”
  • “Congrats on setting down new roots. Here’s to growth and prosperity in your new home.”
  • “Enjoy every square foot of your beautiful new home. You deserve it!”
  • “Here’s to a house full of warmth, love, and laughter. Congrats on your new home!”
  • “Best wishes as you turn your new house into a home.”
  • “From house hunter to homeowner – congrats on your new home!”

🏡💸 Realtor Closing Gifts: Unveiling the Financial Side

We get it – asking about gift costs isn’t the classiest move. But for Realtors on the gift hunt, understanding the numbers is key. Here’s the lowdown on the dollars and cents of closing gifts:

1. How much should a Realtor spend on a closing gift? Many Realtors aim for 1-2% of their commission for a closing gift. However, the real focus should be on impact and thoughtfulness. It’s the sentiment that matters, not the price tag.

2. Are Realtor closing gifts tax-deductible? You bet! Realtor closing gifts fall under the tax-deductible category. According to the IRS, U.S. real estate agents can deduct business gifts up to $25 per person per year. Just keep in mind that if your gift surpasses this amount, the excess won’t make it onto your tax claims. 🎁💼


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