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Ai in Real Estate marketing

From Keys to Code: A Realtor’s Journey with AI, Where Homes Find Heart

Once upon a time in the bustling city of Techville, there was a real estate agent named Alex who embraced the power of AI tools to revolutionize his business. Known for his charismatic charm and dedication to staying ahead of the curve, Alex was determined to provide his clients with a seamless and delightful real estate experience.

AI & Real Estate

The Virtual Assistant Marvel:

One day, as Alex sipped his morning coffee, his AI virtual assistant chimed in. “Good morning, Alex! I’ve scheduled your property viewings for today and sorted potential leads based on their preferences. Also, I’ve drafted personalised emails for follow-ups. Ready to conquer the day?”

With a smile, Alex realised how much time and effort his virtual assistant saved him, allowing him to focus on building genuine connections with clients.

Predictive Analytics Magic:

As Alex delved into market trends, he stumbled upon a hidden gem – a neighborhood showing promising growth. The predictive analytics tool he used had identified an up-and-coming area, and Alex wasted no time in sharing this insider scoop with his clients.

They were thrilled to be in the know, and it solidified Alex’s reputation as the go-to agent for savvy real estate advice.

Chatbot Wit in Action:

During a particularly busy afternoon, Alex’s AI chatbot handled inquiries on his website. A potential buyer named Sarah engaged in a conversation with the chatbot, asking about available properties.

The chatbot not only provided detailed information but also cracked a few jokes, making the interaction both informative and lighthearted. Sarah was so impressed that she decided to schedule a viewing with Alex, appreciating the personal touch in a digital world.

Blockchain Security Safeguard:

When it came to securing transactions, Alex leveraged blockchain technology. His clients, Mike and Lisa, were initially hesitant about the intricacies of the buying process.

Alex explained how blockchain ensured a secure and transparent transaction.

With the power of AI-backed smart contracts, the entire process became smoother than ever, earning Alex the trust and gratitude of his clients.

Drones and Dream Homes:

For a unique property listing, Alex decided to employ AI-powered drones. As he showcased a stunning penthouse with breathtaking views, the drone captured every angle, creating a mesmerising virtual tour.

The clients, a couple searching for their dream home, were enchanted by the immersive experience. They couldn’t believe they were exploring properties without leaving the comfort of their own home.

AI and Data Security Insights

It’s a bit of a concern, and we all need to be on our toes. I’ve noticed some cool AI advancements being used to target tech vendors in real estate. Case in point: Last year, First American, a big player in real estate tech, got hit by a cyber attack. That’s why it’s smart to have password managers like 1Password in your corner to keep both your and your client’s info locked down.

And hey, when it comes to security and fraud, it’s good to get the lowdown on video-driven avatar animation and generative AI text-to-speech APIs. While these tools can be pretty nifty, they also have a flip side—they might be misused to do some eerily realistic impersonations. Stay in the know about these tech trends to keep our real estate world safe and sound!

Text Generative AI for Real Estate Agents:


Epique is your AI sidekick for supercharged property insights. It crunches data to help you nail down accurate market trends and property analyses.

Perfect for agents who want precise info for smarter decision-making in their property dealings.

  • Realtor biography
  • Real estate blog posts
  • Image generation
  • 12 touches email campaigning
  • newsletter campaigning
  • AI-generated property descriptions
  • Instagram quotes
  • Lead generators
  • State Law advisor
  • Brokerage advice
  • Pricing: Free
  • Type: a suite of 12 AI Content generation tools for Real estate Agents
  • Thoughts: Epique makes diving into real estate data a breeze, turning numbers into actionable insights. A must-have for agents aiming for precision!


Write.Homes is your secret weapon for crafting standout property descriptions. It uses AI to spin engaging narratives that make your listings pop.Ideal for agents who want to make their property descriptions more captivating and unique.

  • Pricing: Free up to 1000 words, then $6,6 starter plan
  • Type: AI-powered copywriting tool.
  • Thoughts: Write.Homes takes the stress out of writing captivating property descriptions. Say goodbye to bland listings!

Julius AI

Julius AI brings chatbots into the mix. It uses AI to enhance customer interactions, providing instant support to potential buyers.

Perfect for agents wanting to elevate their customer service and engagement with AI-driven chatbots.

  • Pricing: Explore their website for current pricing details.
  • Type: Customer interaction AI.
  • Thoughts: Julius AI adds a personal touch to customer service, making your interaction with potential buyers smoother and more engaging!


ValPal is the wizard of property valuation. It uses AI magic to give you spot-on property values in real-time. A game-changer for agents looking for accurate valuation insights to ace their pricing strategies.

  • Pricing: Explore their website for the latest pricing plans.
  • Type: Property valuation AI.
  • Thoughts: ValPal turns the guesswork of pricing into a science. It’s like having your personal pricing oracle in the real estate world!


REimagineHome turns property visuals into stunning experiences. Using AI, it transforms images and tours to captivate potential buyers.

Perfect for agents who want to showcase properties in a visually striking way, leaving a lasting impression.

  • Pricing: Free up to 30 images/month then the starter package  from $ 49 
  • Type: Visual experience enhancement AI.
  • Thoughts: REimagineHome adds a touch of magic to property presentations. It’s the visual storyteller every agent dreams of!


GetFloorplan uses AI to whip up floor plans with ease. It simplifies the process, making property visualization a breeze.

Ideal for agents who want to enhance property visualization through clear and accurate floor plans.

  • Pricing: $20 each plan
  • Type: Floorplan generation AI.
  • Thoughts: GetFloorplan turns complex floor plans into a walk in the park. A valuable tool for any agent looking to add clarity to property presentations! is the visual guru that categorizes property images. Using AI, it enhances search functionality and simplifies property management.

A must-have for agents dealing with large image databases, simplifying property categorization and search.

  • Pricing: Visit their website for current pricing details.
  • Type: Visual recognition AI.
  • Thoughts: turns image chaos into order. A game-changer for agents managing a ton of property visuals!

Tableau AI:

Tableau AI is your data companion, offering intuitive data visualisation tools. Perfect for agents who want to make sense of their data effortlessly.

Ideal for agents looking to make informed decisions through interactive data visualization.

  • Pricing: From $15
  • Type: Data analytics and visualization AI.
  • Thoughts: Tableau AI makes data exciting, helping agents visualize trends and patterns. It’s like having a data-savvy partner in crime!


Polymer is your organisational sidekick, using AI to streamline document management, scheduling, and other essential tasks for real estate professionals.

Ideal for agents looking to simplify administrative tasks and stay organized in a busy real estate environment.

  • Pricing: There is a free version
  • Type: Organization and task management AI.
  • Thoughts: Polymer brings order to the chaos of administrative tasks. A must-have for agents looking to stay on top of their game!

In the world of real estate, these AI tools are like trusty sidekicks for agents. Each tool has a special job, making life easier for agents in different ways.

From helping with market analysis (Epique) to crafting cool property descriptions (Write.Homes), these tools cover a lot of ground. ValPal is like a wizard for pricing, while REimagineHome and GetFloorplan make properties look amazing. sorts out image chaos, and Tableau AI turns data into easy-to-understand insights. Julius AI adds a personal touch to talking with customers, and Polymer makes the paperwork side of things a breeze.

Together, these AI tools give real estate agents superpowers, helping them make smart choices, impress clients, and work more efficiently. As real estate keeps changing, these tools are at the forefront, reshaping how agents do their thing and opening up new opportunities for success. They’re like the secret weapons agents didn’t know they needed!


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